The Late Greats Band

Our Story

The Late Greats are an American Indie-Rock band hailing from St. Louis Missouri. Formed in 2019 by Matt Hake, Nathan Chew and John Beseau, they started out as a trio writing and practicing in a grade school band room. It quickly became apparent the magic of bass was needed, and Nathan connected with Marshall Marietta at a friends birthday party. As the Dude would say, "Marshall really tied the room together!" They've been writing original music ever since and haven't looked back. Check out a show and thanks for supporting!


Song List

  1. Strangers - Strangers EP
  2. Wildfire - Strangers EP
  3. In the Canyon - Strangers EP
  4. Driving Through the Night - OPEN ROAD
  5. Fate - OPEN ROAD
  6. Open Road - OPEN ROAD
  7. Drumroll - DRUMROLL
  8. In the Middle - DRUMROLL
  9. Something Good - DRUMROLL


Press Kit

Radio Airplay Review of Drumroll - 2020

"Aptly named, The Late Greats channels elements from the classics, but with an undeniable originality that speaks for itself! Tapping into the ethos of work-a-day American culture, their song Drumroll fantasizes about leaving it all behind in the name of self actualization and adventure - and does so with a smooth and skilled musicality that is as endearing as it is engaging." - Jon Wright, Radio Airplay

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Booking - Nathan Chew - chewnat@att.net

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